About a decade ago I used to hike. I had a boyfriend who had a car and a passion for “adventures”. So I hiked. Up Snowdon, up Cadair Idris, up Kinder Scout.

The relationship ended, life changed, and I stopped hiking. I kept walking and cycling, but I became a mostly urban creature again. Not least because without a car, urban is usually easier.

By chance, this summer, The Other Half (TOH) and I were visiting friends in Northumberland and found ourselves going up a hill. We got to the top and I was happy and he was happy, and we said “we need to do this more often”.

Fortunately, we live in Leeds which is only a stone’s throw away from fantastic hiking, so there is really no excuse for not making this happen.

There are two complications:

  1. We don’t drive
  2. TOH has various health issues which, while no obstacle to a thoroughly good time, have to be factored into planning and preparation.

I have been scouring the interwebs for advice for beginning walkers, public transport, and recommended routes, and armed with this, we have had some wonderful weekends which simply have to be recorded.

Advice for beginners can be condensed down into “Start walking” and “Don’t be too ambitious” so this will be my log of where we¬†have been, what we have learned, and what we have loved. Here’s hoping there’s more loving than learning!