#walk2017 – the first 100 miles

We finally cracked 100 miles! Given that we’re 25% of the way through the year and only 20% of the way through the target I’m not sure we’re going to achieve it, but the reward is in the adventures, not the outcome, so we continue.

At present the target is being delayed by an unexpected social life which has knocked out a couple of weekends (yay!), plus ill health (boo!). We both seem to have spent most of 2017 to date fighting off colds or viruses that entail a fever for weeks at a time. We go out anyway, but it is energy-sapping and we would probably travel further if we could both breathe properly.

Each walk is of course its own reward but things I am enjoying:

  • Watching the seasons turn.
  • The camaraderie of public transport. The return train or bus is always full of merry, relaxed people, swapping stories. Particularly on the Dalesbus where the same driver takes you there and back, there is a feeling of joint endeavour even as we go our separate ways.
  • The desire to reach the 500 mile target is prompting me to get out and about when I might otherwise settle for curling up under a blanket. This is good for my sanity, and has also pushed me to range more widely than I might otherwise have done.
  • Rocks. I love rocks.
  • Lichens and mosses. I didn’t really notice these in summer but over the bare winter their colour, structure and vibrancy has entranced me.

January DSC_8868-01 2017-01-14 14.51.10-01

2017-01-21 12.21.46-01

2017-02-05 12.04.51-01


2017-01-29 15.17.05-01 DSC_9262-01









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