Pen-Y-Ghent, Plover Hill and Hull Pot, April 2017

Walk details

  • Route Horton in Ribblesdale – Pen-Y-Ghent – Plover Hill – Hull Pot – Horton in Ribblesdale
  • Distance 10.35 miles
  • Duration 7hrs 33 mins
  • Getting there Train to Horton in Ribblesdale
  • Weather Glorious baking hot sun in the morning. Then the clouds descended and absolutely freezing.

Why this route?

  • Pen-Y-Ghent is on my 2017 goals list. Knowing how popular the Three Peaks are, we’re also trying to knock them off out of season, or at least not on a weekend in season.

What did we learn?

  • I really should read the contour lines.

Walk highlights

  • First lambs of 2017!
  • First walk with sunglasses and sun tan lotion of 2017.
  • First mountain this year. So good to be up high again, even if the clouds did come down.
  • Coming up to the scrambles on Pen-Y-Ghent and realising why some translate at it as “Hill of the Winds”. The sounds was incredible.
  • Constant birdsong.
  • Watching the dogs on the route.
  • I loved the scramble up Pen-Y-Ghent. TOH not so much. Like, at all.
  • Picnic at the summit.
  • Hull Pot.
  • Buttered tea cakes at the Pen-Y-Ghent cafe.


DSC_0440-01 DSC_0442-01

DSC_0444-01 DSC_0449-01

DSC_0450-01 DSC_0451-01

DSC_0459-01 DSC_0460-01

DSC_0465-01 DSC_0472-01

DSC_0475-01 DSC_0478-01

DSC_0483-01 DSC_0495-01

DSC_0503-01 DSC_0507-01

DSC_0510-01 DSC_0511-01

DSC_0513-01 DSC_0518-01

DSC_0520-01 DSC_0521-01

DSC_0527-01 DSC_0539-01

DSC_0541-01 DSC_0542-01

DSC_0545-01 DSC_0549-01

DSC_0551-01 DSC_0555-01

DSC_0556-01 DSC_0559-01

DSC_0560-01 DSC_0567-01

DSC_0570-01 DSC_0572-02

DSC_0571-01 DSC_0576-01

DSC_0579-01 DSC_0582-01

DSC_0591-01 DSC_0587-01



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