Padley Gorge and Higger Tor, April 2017

Walk details

  • Route Grindleford, Padley Gorge, Longshaw Estate, Burbage South, Higger Tor (cutting across in front of Carl Wark Fort), Winyards Nick, Over Owler Tor, Mother Cap, Padley Gorge, Grindleford.
  • Distance 6.31 miles
  • Duration 6hrs
  • Getting there Train to Grindleford, splitting at Sheffield
  • Weather Warm, bright and sunny.

Why this route?

  • We did part of this walk a week or so ago, and knew that the kids would love it. Woods, rocks, and not that much ascent.

What did we learn?

  • n/a

Walk highlights

  • Extremely happy children who wrung every ounce of pleasure to be had out of the day, which explains why we barely hit 1mph.
  • Child number two wanted a photo of her on every single rock. The rocks won that one.


DSC_0299-01 DSC_0307-01

DSC_0311-01 DSC_0314-01

DSC_0315-01 DSC_0317-01

DSC_0327-01 DSC_0339-01

DSC_0346-01 DSC_0348-01

DSC_0351-01 DSC_0361-01

DSC_0367-01 DSC_0369-01

DSC_0374-01 DSC_0379-01

DSC_0387-01 DSC_0390-01

DSC_0391-01 DSC_0403-01

DSC_0406-01 DSC_0408-01

DSC_0416-01 DSC_0414-01

DSC_0423-01 DSC_0426-01

DSC_0431-01 DSC_0433-01

DSC_0434-01 DSC_0436-01


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