Filey to Scarborough, March 2017

Walk details

  • Route Filey –  Filey Brigg – Scarborough
  • Distance 10.22 miles
  • Duration 6hrs 20 minutes
  • Getting there Train to Scarborough then bus to Filey
  • Weather Overcast with occasional attempts at rain

Why this route?

  • The weather heard my complaints about raining north of Skipton and decided to rain south of Skipton as well this weekend. So we went East.
  • I was temporarily in the mood to look at something other than moorland.

What did we learn?

  • TOH got some nasty cuts when he slipped and fell against a barbed wire fence. This has prompted me to think about the contents of our first aid kit. We bought one last summer before we first took the kids out, without really knowing what we were likely to need and I now want to rejig it. 1. Change to a Trekking kit as fundamentally this is what we do. 2. Get some antiseptic spray plaster; wielding antiseptic wipes, tap and dressing at the top of a windy cliff was challenging, so I’d feel more comfortable if we also had the spray. 3. Get some stuff for dodgy stomachs – useful given various family allergies. 4. Rearrange the kit so that the antiseptic wipes are near the front.

Walk highlights

  • Seabirds swooping and soaring. Also probably pipits in the fields, although my bird recognition is appalling.
  • Daffodils and gorse – splashes of yellow in the gloom and signs of spring to come.
  • The geology of Filey Brigg – amazing sedimentation and coastal erosion in action.
  • Wide bays and endless seas


DSC_0098-01 DSC_0099-01

DSC_0100-01 DSC_0102-01

DSC_0108-01 DSC_0117-01

DSC_0120-01 DSC_0130-01

DSC_0134-01 DSC_0136-01

DSC_0138-01 DSC_0140-01

DSC_0145-01 DSC_0154-01

DSC_0162-01 DSC_0172-01

DSC_0174-01 DSC_0177-01

DSC_0186-01 DSC_0190-01

DSC_0194-01 DSC_0195-01

DSC_0197-01 DSC_0205-01

DSC_0206-01 DSC_0209-01

DSC_0211-01 DSC_0212-01

DSC_0214-01 DSC_0215-01

DSC_0222-01 DSC_0228-01

DSC_0229-01 DSC_0232-01

DSC_0234-01 DSC_0236-01

DSC_0240-01 DSC_0248-01

DSC_0249-01 DSC_0250-01

DSC_0252-01 DSC_0254-01

DSC_0255-01 DSC_0259-01

DSC_0273-01 DSC_0276-01

DSC_0282-01 DSC_0288-01

DSC_0290-01 DSC_0291-01



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