Padley Gorge and Stanage Edge, March 2017

Walk details

  • Route Grindleford, Padley Gorge, Longshaw Estate, Burbage Rocks, Stanage Edge, Bamford
  • Distance 13.73 miles
  • Duration 7hrs 30 mins
  • Getting there Train from Leeds to Grindleford via Sheffield, then train back from Bamford. Bought a return from Leeds to Sheffield and one from Sheffield to Bamford.
  • Weather Overcast but warm.

Why this route?

  • Yet another weekend with rain north of Skipton. Come on rain, cut me a break. Why are you gloriously sunny all week in the office?
  • I fancied some good quality rock experience.

What did we learn?

  • Just because a path is marked doesn’t mean it exists.

Walk highlights

  • Daffodils coming out!
  • Padley Gorge and its lovely deciduous woodland.
  • The view out across the moor at the top of the Gorge.
  • Views of Higger Tor and Carl Wark Fort
  • Stanage Edge
  • First grouse seen this year, although that probably reflects us not having been out on the moors since November.


DSC_9804-01 DSC_9806-01

DSC_9810-01 DSC_9811-01

DSC_9816-01 DSC_9817-01

DSC_9818-01 DSC_9825-01

DSC_9834-01 DSC_9835-01

DSC_9844-01 DSC_9848-01

DSC_9850-01 DSC_9853-01

DSC_9862-01 DSC_9863-01

DSC_9865-01 DSC_9867-01

DSC_9872-01 DSC_9888-01

DSC_9894-01 DSC_9905-01

DSC_9906-01 DSC_9907-01

DSC_9909-01 DSC_9914-01

DSC_9919-01 DSC_9923-01

DSC_9930-01 DSC_9931-01

DSC_9932-01 DSC_9950-01

DSC_9953-01 DSC_9955-01



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