As we hiked 190 miles in 2016, starting the last weekend of July, I’ve signed up to ViewRanger’s #walk2017 with a target of 500 miles.

For me the challenge isn’t about physical fitness, but more about mental fitness. The things I see and people I meet  when I walk fire my imagination, while the time away from the news cycle keeps me sane. In short, it makes me happy.

For this reason I’m restricting the mileage to miles rambled, rather than steps taken. I would smash the target if I counted every step I took, but most of them are just pounding pavements. This challenge is about  exploring, connecting to the landscape and the seasons, and spending some quality time together.

The target is achievable but it will be a challenge, as it means a ten mile walk every week on average. There are already weekends this year where I know we won’t get the chance to go out, and the timing and location of public transport means that we probably average about 8 or 9 miles each walk rather than 10. Needless to say the timing of public transport also means that getting anywhere of an evening is impossible.

At the end of January we’re only 6% of the way through so we need to get our boots on!


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