Praa Sands to Marazion, December 16

Walk details

  • Route Praa Sands – Sydney Cove – Pestreath Cove – Kenneggy Cliff – King’s Cove – Bessy’s Cove – Cudden Point – Stackhouse Cliff – Perranuthnoe – Maen-du Point – Basore Point – Trenow Cove – Marazion
  • Distance 5.6m
  • Duration 3hrs 45m
  • Getting there Familial taxi
  • Weather Glorious balmy day. I was wearing warmer clothes than this in August in the Dales.

Why this route?

  • The family were singing down in Penzance, so we got dropped at Praa Sands and walked until the carols stopped.

What did we learn?

  • Cornish soil is claggy. It might not be the peat bogs that we know and love, but after a mile of mud I’d have better grip on an ice rink.
  • When you walk the coast, distances look further.

Walk highlights

  • Surfers at Sydney Cove, most of whom were wearing wetsuits. Some hardy souls were in bikinis, which I thought was taking the Sydney comparison a bit far.
  • Pestreath Cove – a narrow passage leads down to the shore where the waves were crashing. Don’t grab hold of the rocks if you slip though – they’re sharper than glass.
  • Bessy’s Cove – what everybody imagines Cornwall to be: a steep cove accessed by steps cut out of the rock.
  • We took a wrong turn at Bessy’s Cove and ended up walking through Porth-En-Alls to Trenalls, unfortunately missing Piskies Cove. However this did mean we walked up through Porth-En-Alls, which was beautiful and along a series of ancient trackways enclosed by low overhanging trees.
  • The range of geology: from what can only be some kind of sandstone (red, sandy, and crumbling fast), to bitterly sharp slates, to white quartz-like outcrops, this is a microcosm of environments. I need to learn some geology.
  • Tropical temperatures at Perran Sands, although the high tide meant they were anything but sandy.
  • Increasing views of St Michael’s Mount as we come round into Mount’s Bay.
  • Basore Point – ideal rocks for climbing on.
  • Clear skies and minimal wind – you really couldn’t have asked for a better day for a walk.

























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2016-12-26 15.32.07-01


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