Helston to Porthleven

Walk details

  • Route Helston boating lake – Loe Bar – Porthleven
  • Distance 5m
  • Duration 2.5 hrs
  • Getting there Familial taxi
  • Weather Last few hours before the tail of Storm Barbara blew in…

Why this route?

  • The original plan was to do over ten miles of the South West Coast Path from Portreath to Hayle, on the north coast. However, TOH woke up full of a flu-y cold and the southerly tail of Storm Barbara was due to start battering the north coast at midday, so we decided discretion was the better part of valour and opted for a shorter, easy walk on the south coast.
  • With that in mind, this route is mostly tarmac/wide sturdy track, with plenty of benches, and largely flat. The section round Loe Bar is also sheltered, but the mile along the cliffs offers plenty of stormy glory. It also ends in a village well endowed with pubs and cafes.

What did we learn?

  • Nowt.

Walk highlights

  • Loe Marsh – a wet woodland full of birch and alder.
  • Loe Bar – Helston was originally a sea port, but by the end of the 13th century the shingle bar had cut it off, creating Loe Pool, the largest freshwater lake in Cornwall.
  • Watching seabirds ride the rising winds.

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