Helford Passage to Falmouth

Walk details

  • Route Helford Passage – Durgan – Porth Saxon – Rosemullion Head – Maenporth – Swanpool – Gyllyngvase – Falmouth
  • Distance 7.8m
  • Duration 4hrs
  • Getting there Bus from Falmouth
  • Weather Mild, overcast winter day

Why this route?

  • On Christmas Eve the Cornish Christmas Harmony Choir sings traditional Cornish carols at various stops through the town, raising money for local charities. It started as the Falmouth Docks choir, 117 years ago, and now comprises members of various male voice choirs from as far west as Penzance. This is an integral part of Christmas for me, so any walking today had to fit in after that.

What did we learn?

  • That we are glad for our waterproof leather boots. We jumped into every stream we passed in an attempt to wash the mud off an maintain some semblance of grip.

Walk highlights

  • Dozens of tiny coves with crystal clear waters.
  • Secluded woodland paths near Mawnan.
  • Gorse tumbling down to the shore.

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