Whernside with kids, October 16

Walk details

  • Route Ribblehead Station – Ribblehead Viaduct – Force Gill – Summit – The Scar
  • Distance 8m
  • Duration 6hrs
  • Getting there Settle to Carlisle Line with a Day Ranger ticket.
  • Weather Initially sunny but very windy from 500m. Very hazy.

Why this route?

  • A mountain, per request.
  • Clearly marked path.
  • Rather scrambly downhill.
  • A squeeze style to squeeze through.
  • Plenty of streams to step through at the start of the walk.

What did we learn?

  • That I am totally not paranoid in carrying every layer possible. We sweated our way along Blue Clay Ridge and I felt foolish as people sped past us armed with just a water bottle, but when we got  to Grain Head and the temperature plummeted I felt utterly vindicated.
  • To find out when a late train will arrive at Ribblehead you still have to call the signal box using the phone on the platform.

Walk highlights

  • As before but this time watching the paragliders.



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