Whernside, October 16

Walk details

  • Route Ribblehead Station – Ribblehead Viaduct – Force Gill – Summit – The Scar
  • Distance 8m
  • Duration 4hrs 15m
  • Getting there Settle to Carlisle Line with a Day Ranger ticket.
  • Weather Clear at the summit, but spectacular clouds came over when we were down. Fairly warm autumn day – no coat required.

Why this route?

  • I was still on the lookout for something adventurous enough for the kids, within the constraints of travel time and daylight. Whernside is well-waymarked, well-trodden, with great views, and the route goes via the Viaduct.
  • For TOH’s part, after Great Whernside the one rule was no bogs. I figured (correctly) that since this had been paved to limit path erosion, I was pretty safe on that one.
  • Also, Whernside.

What did we learn?

  • No real learnings on this one. For once we had the right kit and the path was mostly as expected. My time estimate was way over for us, but I’d always rather be done early than late, particularly since we’re dependent on public transport.

Walk highlights

  • So many! The viaduct.
  • The aqueduct
  • Force Gill
  • Greensett Tarn
  • Views of Dentdale and the Howgills
  • Views of Ingleborough

We probably did the slowest circuit of Whernside of anyone up there that day, but that was because I needed to keep stopping and staring.


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