Rombalds Moor, October 16

Walk details

  • Route White Wells – Swastika Stone – Addingham High Moor – Shepherds Hill – West Buck Stones – East Buck Stones – Cowper’s Cross – Roman Road – Spicey Gill – Wicken Tree Crag
  • Distance 9.7m
  • Duration 5hrs 15 mins
  • Getting there Train to Ilkley
  • Weather Glorious autumn day.

Why this route?

  • We were in search of a child-friendly route for half-term. Week-day buses into the Dales outside the summer season are fairly limited, whereas trains to Ilkley are not.

What did we learn?

  • A very pleasant Sunday walk for us as adults, but probably not exciting enough for the small people. Incorporates a muddy section not suitable for small people with small legs and without the full waterproofing gear.
  • I need to start photocopying key map pages. A full active OS map is too unwieldy for a simple stroll!

Walk highlights

  • No wow moments on this walk, but a delight to see a different section of Rombalds Moor, particularly without the crowds that swarm on the main route.

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