Grassington with kids, August 16

Walk details

  • Route Grassington to Coniston Dib then back via the Dales Highway and down to Linton Falls.
  • Distance 10.9m
  • Duration 5hrs 45 mins
  • Getting there 875 Dales Bus on a Rover ticket. Brilliantly you get two kids free per adult.
  • Weather Hot. The route is very sheltered so it was several degrees warmer than the Grassington forecast.

Why this route?

  • Ilkley and Haworth showed that walks we’ve already done on our own are a better bet. If we’ve done it, we know whether they’ll like it and we don’t waste time getting lost. Grassington met the criteria of off-track (paths are boring!) and lots to look at.
  • Direct bus route and good value in terms of tickets.

What did we learn?

  • Finally found the path into Coniston! Unfortunately we missed the original path so had to clamber over the scars to rejoin it, adding about an hour onto the walk. Kids enjoyed that, but TOH’s knees protested.
  • Walking poles make a big difference to TOH.
  • If you’re not starting until about 11am, just feed the kids lunch early when you get there. It’s easier.
  • The limestone pavement was a hit with the kids.
  • At the start of this walk I set them a challenge: to make a mental note of three things they want to remember from this walk, to draw when we got home. Much to my surprise they really got into this, and the eldest spent the bus ride home drawing his favourite bits. I’ll definitely be using this one again.

Walk highlights

  • Coniston Dib – awesome. And we got to do the bottom section as well this time.
  • Linton Falls – a lovely place to end the walk.









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