Ilkley Moor with kids, August 16

Walk details

  • Route Ilkley Moor based on Walking Englishman’s route (Mostly – we came back through a rocky valley, but I don’t think it’s the one his route suggests as we went through the plantation by the Cow and Calf.)
  • Distance 9m round trip from Ilkley station, including detour through town to the park at the end.
  • Duration 6.5 hours
  • Getting there Train from Leeds
  • Weather 90 mins of soaking drizzle then dried up, with occasional periods of hot.

Why this route?

  • On the Haworth walk the bits the kids liked were crossing streams, scrambling up slopes, and navigating rocky tracks. This walk has all three.
  • TOH and I had already walked it so we didn’t need to do much navigating.
  • Transport was fast and simple.

What did we learn?

  •  Excellent walk that ticked all the kids’ boxes.

Walk highlights

  • Happy, excited children growing in confidence virtually as we watched.
  • The kids used Mission Explore: National Parks and had a whale of a time with it. Highly recommended.
  • Glorious purple heather on the moor.
  • Dashing streams – just wet enough to make it fun for the kids without entailing wet feet.
  • The tarn
  • The quarry at the Cow and Calf
  • The rocky valley and the footbridge.



















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