Haworth, August 16

Walk details

  • Route Haworth to Top Withins then back to Stanbury. Based on Walking Englishman but we started from a slightly different point and had to abort at Top Withins as the rain was coming in so hard I didn’t think I could navigate back across the moor, even on a path.
  • Distance 7.8 miles
  • Duration 4 hrs 45 minutes
  • Getting there K-day tickets on the Transdev network.
  • Weather Biblical downpour.

Why this route?

  • This is the first walk we’ve taken the kids on. We were staying overnight at Haworth Youth Hostel and wanted a route of around 7 miles (a distance we knew they could walk on the flat).
  • We hadn’t walked this ourselves yet, so a well-marked route was essential.
  • The internet suggested that kids like water features, so the waterfall sounded like a hit.
  • It was the start of heather season, so the moors should be pretty.

What did we learn?

  • Believe the weather forecast. If it forecasts rain setting in for the day and the chart shows the heavy rain coming your way, no amount of wishful thinking will change that.
  • Particularly with kids and an overnight stay, dry bags are a necessity. In a downpour, bagging up the content of your bag in plastic bags just doesn’t cut it.
  • We should have bought backpack covers, particularly for the Ospreys whose design pretty much funnels water into the bag.
  • For this walk we
  • It’s easier to go the right way if you start from the right place. Don’t be swayed by directions the tourist office give you.
  • Nothing beats thorough study of the area map in advance.
  • Children will do a lot if they get “exciting” new clothes or shoes.
  • Walking shoes genuinely are easier to walk in than normal trainers. This insight fresh from the mouth of the 10 year old.
  • A ritual bacon butty on the morning of a walk goes a long way to setting the mood.
  • The harder the terrain, the more the kids enjoyed it.

Walk highlights

  • Haworth Youth Hostel. Beautiful building, family rooms available for a bargain, and great for the kids to roam around.
  • Bronte Waterfall
  • Top Withins
  • The victory for common sense that was looking at the rain on the moor and beating a belated but hasty retreat. Also, the prior preparation and planning that meant I knew a quick way to a nearby bus stop.
  • The various stepping stones across becks. Instant hit with the kids.
  • Watching the kids grow in confidence to manoeuvre over the ground.
  • Not officially part of the walk, but we took the Keighley and Worth Valley Steam Train back to Keighley the next day.









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