Ilkley Moor with hats, July 16

Walk details

  • Route Ilkley Moor based on Walking Englishman’s route (Mostly – we came back across the top to the crags, avoiding Rocky Valley. Still not sure which path his route follows.)
  • Distance No GPS on this trip, but roughly 9m fround trip from Ilkley station.
  • Duration No GPS on this trip, but roughly 5 hrs
  • Getting there Train from Leeds
  • Weather Hot!

Why this route?

  • First walk! So quick and cheap to get to.
  • Follows well-marked routes, is frequently used, doesn’t go too high, and is never far from civilisation.
  • Famously beautiful.

What did we learn?

  • TOH’s knees don’t like going up hill.
  • His body doesn’t like being hot.
  • Suntan lotion and sunhats are a good call.
  • Cotton tops make us sweaty (This walk was undertaken before doing any reading on  walking. The insight is probably best described as no shit sherlock.)
  • Ilkley Moor is beautiful!
  • This is a walk with great variety: you scramble up Ilkley Crags, traverse becks, stroll along well-trodden peaty paths, and then step carefully over former stream beds.

Walk highlights

  • White Wells – fascinating slice of history.
  • Ilkley Crags, not that TOH’s knees enjoyed them. Fun to go up, not too long, and stunning views at the top.
  • Crossing Coldstone and Backstone Becks.
  • Views over Wharfedale on the Dales Way
  • Carved grafitti on the Cow.












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