Getting started

About a decade ago I used to hike. I had a boyfriend who had a car and a passion for “adventures” (with hindsight, that might be better paraphrased as “reckless, ill-prepared excursions”). So I hiked. Up Snowdon, up Cadair Idris, up Kinder Scout.

The relationship ended, life changed, and I stopped hiking.

By chance, this summer, The Other Half (TOH) and I were visiting friends in Northumberland and found ourselves going up a hill. We got to the top and I was happy and he was happy, and we said “we need to do this more often”.

By happy chance, we live in West Yorkshire, so we are a stone’s throw away from fantastic hiking.

There are some wonderful websites full of good routes to do and advice for beginners, but none for the specific combination of novice walkers who don’t drive and occasionally have children, so this is my space to document our adventures and what we have learned.


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